Zebras Mosaic


Red Hot Chillis mosaic


'Maigold' painting

'After Leonardo' drawing on wood



Marilyn painting in acrylic on canvas


Bee stepping stone mosaic

'Jimi' acrylic painting


'Bellatrix' painting in acrylics


'The Wind is a Horse' mosaic


'Salamander' mosaic


Butterfly in Red mosaic


Opus is the term used to describe (in the sense of “artwork”) the andamento, or flow of tesserae, or other features of mosaics.

White Mandala mosaic


Eos mosaic


'Glen' mosaic

Venetian smalti and Italian limestone and carrera marble



Spider stepping stone mosaic


Lizard mosaic rock


'Maigold' oil painting

'Gaia' mosaic


'Clothoid spiral' mosaic


Triskele  spiral mosaic



Reproduction of a Byzantine mosaic


Tree of Life Mandala mosaic


Celtic spiral mosaic rock


Photographs from my garden

'Owl' mosaic

Venetian smalti, Italian limestone and carrera marble


'Bob' oil painting and Marilyn 

'Deer' mosaic


'The Wind is a Horse' mosaic

'Clothoid spiral' mosaic

'Antarctic' mosaic


'Pentagram' mosaic



 'Bettas' mosaic   

'Bettas' mosaic