Show Garden

Calor Coast Garden

Bloom 2015

The Calor Coast garden was inspired by Dawn's 'back yard' - the Antrim Coast.  Having walked the entire Antrim coastline and beyond Dawn is very familiar with the transitions in the coastal environment, and is very familiar with certain areas of sheltered bays where the Irish sea seems to slowly swell as if it is a single entity of colour in perpetual motion.  This landscape inspired the Calor Coast garden with a conceptual raised bed of blue lobelia chosen deliberately as the plant to symbolise the blue/greens of the Irish sea.  The facade of the raised bed was in mosaics supplied by Fired Earth and I embedded salmon mosaics into this to represent marine life.  A surfboard, supplied by Surf Alive School in Portrush, skimmed the planting representing human interaction with the sea and also facilitated the Calor's chef cooking in the garden for the show and Calor sponsor.  There were gabion cobbled filled cages inspired by the gabions covering the Antrim cliffs, with random areas of planting of Armerias and grasses, and shrubs such as gorse, Rosa rugosa and ivy representing the planting visible along the coastline where it is able to grab a foothold and flourish despite the challenging conditions. This planting was further highlighted by a stunning green wall by with plant species suitable for coastal areas.  Cobbles and white limestone chippings covered the surface areas of the garden with a decked area behind the seabed wall and seating.

Many thanks to Linda McKeown and Teresa Murray for their help with planting. Many thanks also to Paul Robbins, and Mark and David of Living Walls and Inver Garden Centre for supplying plants and great support. Thanks to CED and Kilwaughter Lime for gravels and cobbles.

Awarded Bronze medal.